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• Welsh Chefs help raise funds for Children in South Africa

Welsh Chefs help raise funds for Children in South Africa

A team of chefs led by our own Gareth Johns have been taking part in the WCTAH over the past few weeks, to raise money for feeding hungry children in Africa.

The team, Gareth, Colin Gray, Toby Beevers and Mike Evans helped raise a total of some £3/4m, half as much again as the target, by taking part in a variety of fund and awareness raising events in and around Johannesburg, such as Protest marches, Press briefings, Feeding Stations, Cookery Demonstrations and Food Festivals- including a Welsh Food Festival at the Sun Square Hotel, Montecasino. The guys described the experience as 'life- changing', saying that it had made them so much ore conscious of the need to change attitudes towards food and waste. It was hard work, but they're already looking forward to the next one! Team Wales LtoR, Toby Beevers, Gareth Johns, Mike Evans, Colin Gray